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$AET Beta Staking Pool!

With the launch of $AET, IMC International is giving away all profits generated across all its assets to the initial $AET community that acquired Token during the presale. Therefore, this offer and the Staking Pool is only and exclusively available for buyers and holders of $AET during the official presale!

The runtime for this reward pool is 6 month and the rewards are accumulating in real time. You can withdraw and claim your rewards anytime, your initial staking is locked during the reward period.

The initial APY is at 172% and will vary according to number of participants and their contribution as well as of course, the IMC revenue. Since the pool size is capped, the yield will never go below 46% and can, depending on the beforementioned circumstances rise up to approximately 670%. If you have participated in the $AET presale, be sure to use the staking under as soon as possible before the pool is locked!

Accumulate $AET and profit of the tokenomics: $AET gives 1% tax on every transaction to the holders, your $AET holdings therefore constantly grow! Additionally, 1% is burned on every transaction, therefore, the total supply of $AET is constantly decreasing making it more valuable. Boost your holdings using the $AET Staking Pool and profit of all business revenues while benefiting of the ecosystem!

You can use the staking pool with MetaMask, if you need any help, please contact and join our telegram group